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Each number has a few sections. Some of the sections are always present, and some other vary in order to show the news about the band.

Common sections:

- Editor's note

- News

- Letters from the readers

- Biografy

- Colectionism

- Memorabilia

Other sections

These special sections are present in the different numbers of Rockaway:

- Steve Phillips' gig at Barcelona in 1995

- Special about Webpages

- Mark Knopfler at los Premios Ondas 1995

- Golden Heart, Mark Knopfler's new album

- 1996 concerts of Mark Knopfler in Espaņa

- The Notting Hillbillies' gigs from 1993 to 1999

- Music for Monserrat benefic gig

- Mark Knopfler's interview abut the new OSB, Metroland

- Wag the dog and Metroland

- Sailing to Philadelphia, Mark Knopfler's new album

In the next number, there'll be a special article about the Spanish Dire Straits tour in 1983

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